That's who we are, the WAREMA Group. We develop innovative and groundbreaking products from visionary ideas. We are real doers, we get down to work and have fun with new solutions. And we are the strong partners our customers can rely on. But not only our customers: the lived partnership - that is the core of our special team spirit. This is something we are proud of.

The WAREMA Group is made up of a strong team of companies divided into two divisions: Sun & Living Spaces and Plastics & Engineering.We enjoy a leading market position with our demanding solutions and future-oriented innovations.

In both of our divisions, we place equal importance on pursuing a close partnership with our partners, growing our competencies, and incorporating innovative technologies. At the same time, we are also focused on future trends and market developments.

The solutions and services we provide through our Sun & Living Spaces division play a major role in creating an atmosphere of comfort and improving people's quality of life. Here our offerings range from sun and weather protection to the design and creation of living spaces. We ensure that everything we provide fits in perfect harmony with people's wants and needs.

In our Plastics & Engineering division, we take customer requests and turn them into innovative plastics solutions. Using our competence and expert knowledge, we work closely with our partners in the automotive, medical technology and sun shading technology industries to develop high-quality products for the most demanding applications. Our high-precision mould design operations form the basis for making these concepts a reality.

Your development is close to our hearts

We attach great importance to cooperation based on partnership and take responsibility for our employees. Because they are what makes us strong.

Nobody wants insects, pollen or fine dust in their home. Allergy sufferers and people with particular sensitivities need a place to enjoy fresh air and protection from negative environmental influences. The right pollen protection or fine dust screen can do just that, but many [...]

On the edge of a residential settlement in Steinfurt, a family of four has succeeded in creating their dream home. Architect Anja Engelshove and structural engineer Jochen Engelshove, of Engelshove Bau GmbH, have been with the family every step of the way, from the design proce [...]

No other part of Zurich is currently evolving as much as Leutschenbach, a former industrial and commercial area in the Oerlikon district. Three residential high-rise buildings – named the ‘WolkenWerk’ – have recently been erected here by Staufer & Hasler Architekten and von Bal [...]

One architectural trend is for façade designs with large glass surfaces. They offer the occupants a clear view to the outside, and allow plenty of light into the inside. However, these advantages also come at a price: a clear view also allows curious glances from the outside in [...]

These days, it’s hard to imagine sustainable and flexible office/single-purpose buildings without automation, and automation components must perform diverse and complex functions and meet exacting security requirements. Warema KNX connect & secure actuators are perfectly equipp [...]

Patios can be an endless source of joy: they are perfect for family breakfasts, reading and relaxing in peace and quiet, barbeques and drinks with neighbours, and even yoga and meditation. If you want to make the most of this special space, you'll need the right weather protect [...]

The new Erlanger Höfe residential quarter, developed on a former industrial site in central Erlangen by the Engelhardt Real Estate Group, combines various functions and serves various aspects of everyday life. Modern residential buildings are flanked by commercial blocks of dif [...]

Deutsche Bahn AG has moved into new quarters close to Messe Frankfurt. The new passenger services site spans two building complexes on Europa Boulevard. With their red-brick grid facades, the DB Brick and DB Tower reference the industrial buildings of the 1920s and the history [...]

WAREMA’s new Sun Center in Weert, a city in the Dutch province of Limburg, features its entire range of innovative sun shading solutions. Visitors can immerse themselves in Warema’s products as they tour the building. Specialised retailers and architects can also use the centre [...]

Warema has redesigned its collection binder specially for the commercial building sector, dividing it into topics so that users can easily explore the various types of fabric.

Warema’s new Windra 80 WF flat slat is the most wind-resistant flat slat currently available on the market. The Windra sun shading system with rail or cable guidance has been specially developed for facades in challenging locations exposed to the wind and can withstand wind spe [...]

Warema’s new sample pack allows customers to choose an insect screen system that perfectly aligns with existing window and door elements and specific installation scenarios. Things are also getting more colourful with new black brushes to optimise coordination of insect screen [...]

Following on from its external shaft venetian blinds and shaft roller shutter systems, Warema is expanding its solutions for sustainable integration into shafts and cover panels with a window awning that can be used in many different settings. Almost entirely prefabricated, it [...]

Omnexo is a new, intelligent sun shading control system that offers more flexibility than ever before. The Warema bus system controls up to 500 sun shading products per central unit, making it perfect for medium-sized residential and functional buildings. The web-based Omnexo f [...]

Warema’s almost-invisible VisioNeo fall protection is an elegant blend of safety and design. It can be easily integrated into many sun shading solutions, including roller shutters, external venetian blinds and window awnings. From now on, a version will be available that is sui [...]

A new multifunctional building in Cologne’s TRIOTOP business and country park is currently being used as a school. Its curving S-shape and scaled clinker facade are reminiscent of a slithering snake. A tailored sun shading solution with intelligently controlled Warema external [...]

The world has changed a great deal in the last two years. Megatrends such as energy efficiency, digitalisation and outdoor living are affecting how people live their lives. As a result, they need smart, energy-efficient homes and cosy, functional outdoor areas. Warema, the sun [...]

Warema, the sun shading specialist, has received two gold product awards at this year’s Architects’ Darling ceremony, beating its rivals in the “Sun Shading” and “Fall Protection” categories.

The linear geometry of Warema’s new Zetra slat for external venetian blinds and A37 roller shutter fulfil the highest design standards. Their looks are perfectly coordinated so that windows and facades can share the same design when the two sun shading systems are combined. The [...]

In the sunny Main Valley, the architects responsible for Marktheidenfeld’s new library used carefully selected materials and a well-thought-out colour concept to ensure the building was received positively by residents. Warema supplied the perfect sun shading – external venetia [...]

The two Arula chalets are a stylish addition to Lech’s architecture and fulfil the district’s stringent building guidelines. They were constructed largely from natural materials and consist of around 90% stone, waste wood and textiles. The architect, Sibylle Schaschl, focused o [...]

Warema doesn’t just provide sun shading retailers with sophisticated products; it is also dedicated to offering training, expert support and useful tools and services. Specialised retailers find this beneficial both in their daily work and particularly when faced with skills sh [...]

More space, a favourable location, a focus on industry 4.0 and sustainability: Warema’s new logistics and production centre in Wertheim-Bettingen was inaugurated on Friday, 23 July 2021. The sun shading company based in Marktheidenfeld opened its new centre to stay abreast of g [...]

The weather doesn’t just impact our wellbeing; it also affects how modern houses are built and furnished. From extreme heat to storms and heavy rain, buildings must be able to withstand many different conditions – not least due to climate change – while also offering maximum co [...]

In the fiscal year of 2020, The Warema Group and its two divisions, Sun & Living Spaces and Plastics & Engineering, continued its sales growth despite the challenges of the pandemic. Worldwide, it achieved sales of around 623 million euros, an increase of more than nine percent [...]

Many people are finding it increasingly difficult to get a healthy and restful night’s sleep, particularly in the current circumstances. Our bodies and minds need to rest, but when sleep refuses to come, we can end up even more stressed. External factors such as street lighting [...]

Sun shading meets climate protection: Warema's diverse shading solutions are crucial to boosting well-being at home and the efficient use of energy. And it has plenty of other projects that also promote well-being and sustainability. The company has joined forces with several o [...]

Urbanisation and urban consolidation have inspired Warema to rethink sound insulation for boxes for top-mounted external venetian blinds for new buildings. High-quality living space is often built in areas with lots of noise from traffic and people, so every decibel counts. War [...]

Attractive roof systems for patios and gardens create unique, sheltered outdoor spaces. Warema is extending its range of Lamaxa slat roofs to include the slender L50, offering even greater variety for your favourite outdoor spot. The roof system is available with aluminium slat [...]

Warema is expanding the functionality and aesthetics of its sun shading solutions for windows and facades by optimising a large number of its products. This brings great advantages for specialised retailers, as installation is much easier and faster than before. Users also bene [...]

Lightweight and aesthetic, sun sails have become an elegant shading solution for large spaces. In 2021, Warema is overhauling its Sonea sun sail range and replacing its previous products with three attractive innovations – flexible manual and motor-operated models that can be a [...]

The Warema Group is realigning its internal sun shading range. From now on, Warema will focus its Inside portfolio on the commercial construction sector, offering functional glare protection, sun shading and products to ensure visual privacy – all made in Germany. Decorative in [...]

Warema's Inside portfolio will focus exclusively on commercial buildings as of 2021. The sun shading expert is expanding its existing collection for commercial buildings to include new colour charts and fabric qualities, harnessing its expertise even further and fulfilling the [...]

To offer customers the best possible advice about colours and the right slat or profile, businesses must find a way to clearly present their products. Warema has therefore developed a new collection with a greater focus on trendy colours and clarity.

Modern facades are subject to the same exacting design requirements as home interiors. Warema has therefore optimised its roller shutter range and developed a new slat for external venetian blinds, offering the perfect products for a uniform design. It has also made its range o [...]

One command – or rather one app – to control everything. The flexible homee smart home system combines numerous applications such as light, heating and security in accordance with various wireless standards. Users can easily manage these via voice control, a handheld transmitte [...]

Safe and secure, our homes are our greatest sanctuaries, and yet around 85,000 break-ins are attempted in Germany every year. To ensure that they are not successful, a property needs to be well secured. And so Warema is introducing SenSigna, an early warning system that protect [...]

The architectural trend for cubic and rectangular structures requires shading systems that blend in perfectly with this modern approach to design. Warema is therefore expanding its range of rectangular awnings to include the Perea P20 pergola awning. As of 2021, the Climara W10 [...]

The new roof system with its slim crossbeams and poles has a striking, slender design and comes in different versions: it is available with slats, a glass or fabric roof. One feature of the Lamaxa L50 is the motor, which has been integrated into the pivotable aluminium slats to [...]

Warema has optimised its roller shutter range and developed a new slat for external venetian blinds – offering the perfect products for a functional and great looking facade. The new 80Z Zetra slat for external venetian blinds has improved dim-out properties compared with previ [...]

Warema has optimised its roller shutter range and developed a new slat for external venetian blinds – offering the perfect products for a functional and great looking facade. The new 80Z Zetra slat for external venetian blinds has improved dim-out properties compared with previ [...]

Welcome to the world of sun shading: From 27 November, the Warema Sun Forum in Wertheim invites visitors to stroll from house to house and explore every facet of modern shading. They can see solutions at work in a range of circumstances – kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and wo [...]

The past year has been filled with twists and turns, forcing people and companies to quickly adapt. Most of these adaptations have been digital, while personal interaction has fallen by the wayside. Warema has therefore tried to find ways of staying in direct contact with its c [...]

Building projects involve a great number of decisions. Which tiles to use in the bathroom? How many sockets in the kitchen? Which material should be used for the front door? With so many things to decide, it’s easy to forget that sun shading is vital to our wellbeing. But think [...]

Warema’s Sun Centers are more than just showrooms. Customers can visit the sites in Berlin/Großbeeren (which opened in late July) and Stuttgart (which opened recently) to immerse themselves in the world of Warema and see their own home through different eyes. The unique set-up [...]

Warema has completely overhauled its versatile window awning range. The modular design makes the system even more flexible, gives architects total freedom when drawing up their plans and can be combined with additional furnishing elements.

Been awake for an hour and still feeling drowsy? Can't concentrate on your work? Having trouble sleeping? These problems can all be caused by the amount of daylight in our rooms. But with the right sun shading system, we can turn daylight to our advantage. Ulrich Lang, an exper [...]

cube berlin's glazed facade houses Europe's most intelligent office building. The innovative smart building concept features a fully glazed double skin facade equipped with technical sun shading systems from Warema, making it a truly high-tech construction.

Warema sun shading lives up to its name. It stops rooms from getting too warm, guards against excessive UV radiation, maintains privacy and prevents glare from bright light, protecting people both at home and at work. Warema offers even more solutions – including SecuKit and Vi [...]

Warema, the sun shading expert, has decided not to attend next year’s BAU, the world's leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems, which is set to be held in Munich. The uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic means that it is currently impossible to make [...]

Awnings don't just provide shade on balconies and patios. They also blend into different architectural concepts and combine functionality, aesthetics and robustness. Quite simply, they are the perfect all-round shading solution. Warema has now expanded its range to include new [...]

More people have worked from home this year than ever before. Most had no choice in the matter at first, but many have found it extremely practical for everyday life. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy having the coffee machine within easy reach or relocating to the patio when the w [...]

Thanks to its modular setup, the Warema BAline control system offers flexible automation that fulfils all modern building requirements. Free programming capability and modularity ensure that the system is ready for the future. This cuts operating and production costs, increases [...]

KNX technology is one of the leading control standards for smart building solutions. Warema, the sun shading expert, offers product solutions tailored to the KNX system and the individual requirements of private homes and commercial buildings. All smart building components deve [...]

With the Warema Mobility System (WMS) UP splitter and the Warema WMS UP climatronic® converter, a single weather station on the roof can be used to automate the WMS wireless networks of all units in a building or complex. This reduces costs, improves the look of the facade and [...]

The future of home automation is building automation – and this future has already begun. The signals for all connected products (such as sun shading, lighting and windows) run via data-processing bus systems that link sensors and actuators. A sun shading expert, Warema offers [...]

Sitting in the sun on the patio or balcony, closing your eyes and listening to the birds – pure bliss. In moments like these, time stands still. Textile sun shading systems create an attractive ambience and protect the skin from UV radiation, enabling you to relax outdoors and [...]

In the 2019 fiscal year, the Warema Group and its two divisions – Sun & Living Spaces and Plastics & Engineering – created a solid foundation that will allow it to remain a reliable and strong customer partner in the future. Globally, it achieved sales of 571 million euros, an [...]

Whatever the weather, Warema's smart sun shading systems allow you to make the best of it. Thanks to individual automation, the perfect home climate can be created depending on the time of day, position of the sun and weather conditions. This saves money and protects the enviro [...]

The WMS wireless system is the intelligent solution for smart sun shading, coupling state-of-the-art technology with a great design for maximum comfort and flexibility. Even distant products can be reached by transmitting commands from one receiver to another via the mesh netwo [...]

One for all - with the Warema Mobility System (WMS) UP splitter and the Warema WMS UP climatronic® converter. A single weather station on the roof can be used to automate the WMS wireless networks of all apartments in a building or complex. This reduces costs, improves the look [...]

Simple yet effective: Warema is now expanding the one-piece guide rails in its window awning range. After successfully launching window awnings with easyZIP guidance in 2019, the sun shading expert is now also offering front-mounted awnings with five guide rail variants.

Warema is expanding the functionality of its sun shading solutions for windows and facades by optimising a large number of its products. This brings great advantages for specialised retailers, as installation is much easier and faster than before. Users also benefit from these [...]

Almost all year round, people in Germany enjoy spending as much time outdoors as possible – on their patios and balconies and in their gardens. Efficient sun shading systems are an integral part of this lifestyle. Thanks to Warema’s stylish design innovations, they can now enha [...]

Warema's Lamaxa slat roof is the best way to create additional outdoor living space. Lamaxa offers total flexibility to select your favourite spot, unique light guidance options and superb weather resistance, making it the ideal and elegant solution for fans of outdoor living. [...]

Terrea awnings come into their own from spring to autumn, when people spend a lot more time outdoors. They provide shade and make balconies and patios a wonderful place to be. Cassette awnings are a stylish way to protect against the sun that perfectly combines functionality, a [...]

The 'Los Angeles Plus' passive house is a flagship project for energy-efficient construction in Los Angeles County. It also showcases the passive house standard, which is becoming increasingly popular in the USA too.

Lighting and sun shading, hand in hand: Warema, the European market leader for technical sun shading systems, and TRILUX, the German market leader for technical lighting, have jointly developed the Wellumic control solution, which creates ideal lighting conditions for its users [...]

We all love to spend our free time outside – even when the sun isn’t shining and temperatures are low. Outdoor living is wonderful at any time of year. Restaurant and café owners are also aware of this trend and try to provide their guests with outdoor seating all year round. T [...]

Every other year, architects, window and facade manufacturers and specialist dealers flock to Nuremberg for the Fensterbau Frontale trade fair, which takes place from 18-21 March 2020. Warema will present its innovative product portfolio at the world-leading trade fair for wind [...]

When spring flowers paint gardens in the most beautiful colours, a warm breeze sweeps through the air, a pleasant earthy scent lingers after a rain shower or snowflakes fall silently to the ground, what could be better than being outdoors yourself? Today, many people enjoy outd [...]

Warema has overhauled its window awning products to create a clearly structured range that can be combined in multiple ways to find the right solution for almost any situation. What makes the range so special is the new one-piece guide rail, used for easyZIP, rails and basic aw [...]

An exclusive, customisable event offering more information than ever before: Warema's first trend congress for the sun shading industry set new standards in knowledge exchange and continuing education, providing true inspiration. The new format was a resounding success: around [...]

The new online Warema configurator is a fun way for users to find the right sun shading system for their home, taking them on an interactive tour of their individual rooms and outside areas. Professional animations and flexible shifting from day to night mode ensure a realistic [...]

It's a sunny day. The sun’s golden rays stream in through the window, filling the house. Most people enjoy the ambience and cosiness sunlight creates in the late afternoon or on cold days, but not so much at 5 a.m. or when it’s extremely hot. If you walk from room to room at di [...]

The world’s oceans are a unique habitat. However, more than five billion items of plastic waste in the water put the inhabitants of these oceans at risk every single day. Industry can contribute to the preservation of the oceans by finding alternative solutions. Warema, the Eur [...]

We can't live without daylight: it boosts our well-being and health and quite literally brightens our mood. Since many people spend most of their time inside, it is particularly important to ensure a sufficient amount and quality of daylight inside buildings as well. The DIN EN [...]

Warema BAline is an extremely intelligent control system whose modular design enables flexible automation, fulfilling all requirements. State-of-the-art technologies like wind assessment reports, annual shading and slat tracking can be integrated easily. The freely programmable [...]

Once again this summer, the sun is burning down from the sky and temperatures are reaching new record heights. This is when sun shading really comes into its own. In order to enjoy the valuable services provided by awning, external venetian blinds and so on for as long as possi [...]

This is a very special meeting place, and it's one where the locals feel just as much as home as its visitors from all over Europe. Offering a warm and friendly atmosphere and an excellent selection of local dishes and drinks, every weekend the Hädefelder-Schoppen-Scheune attra [...]

From the 1st of July 2019, Christian Steinberg will assume the role of Executive Vice President Global Market within the Warema Group, thus succeeding Harald Freund, Executive Vice President Sales, who will retire on the 31st of December 2019.

The Warema Group is expanding to include another brand. Subject to approval from competition authorities, the corporate group from Lower Franconia will retroactively acquire Anwis Sp. z.o.o., a Polish sun shading product manufacturer, as of 1st January 2019. Anwis Sp. z.o.o. is [...]

In April 1919, Walter Gropius wrote his Bauhaus manifesto. In it, he called for art schools to return to craftsmanship, leading to the development of a design and architectural style of plain and simple forms. The Bauhaus may have only existed for 14 years, but it continues to [...]

The Warema Group, with its two divisions of Sun & Living Spaces and Plastics & Engineering, can look back on positive growth in the 2018 fiscal year. Around the world it achieved revenues of EUR 509.5 million. The result of this is an increase of 10.7 percent compared to last y [...]

More and more people are suffering from allergies. According to a health study by the Robert Koch Institute, 30 percent of Germans aged 18 to 79 develop an allergy in the course of their lives. One common cause of increased allergies is environmental pollution and the resulting [...]

More and more people are living in towns and cities – but don't want to miss out on nature in the form of balconies or patios. So residents are still able to enjoy a certain amount of privacy outdoors even in densely populated areas, a sun shading system can often also offer vi [...]

The new partner programme Warema Prime is the sun-shading company’s range of made-to-measure offers and a choice of attractive rewards as bonuses for specialist retailers to acknowledge their loyalty. Specialist partners earn points with every Warema product purchase that then [...]

Being outdoors brings joy to the hearts of people who love nature and freedom. Little can replace the feeling of the sun's pampering rays and a gentle breeze touching the skin. This well-being outdoors is available with Lamaxa slatted roofs by Warema, which allow the incidence [...]

Nothing is more relaxing or more beneficial for the body and spirit than spending as much time as possible outdoors. Whether for a little siesta at the weekend, a drink with friends at the end of a working day or a lengthy family meal, the patio is the perfect setting. And than [...]

A separate room in the middle of the garden that is perfect for relaxing outdoors – Lamaxa slat roofs by Warema offer this luxury. They can be positioned anywhere outdoors where, thanks to the linear design, they become an inherent part of the landscape and architecture. Thanks [...]

Whether a particular external venetian blind will suit a particular structural situation, how the dimensions compare with an alternative model and what external venetian blinds have the right features for a particular situation – the Warema Dimensions Assistant answers all thes [...]

They combine modern design with the highest functionality. External venetian blinds by Warema facilitate the design of an individual lighting ambience inside and determine the look of the façade on the outside. They also greatly contribute to the energy efficiency of a building [...]

ViseoNeo by Warema has already established itself as reliable and almost invisible fall protection, and has received the renowned iF Design Award for 2018. The glass support that is integrated in sun shading systems is a stylish substitute for bars and window parapets on floor- [...]

Warema is a pioneer in the industry with its new Smart Building technologies. The sun shading expert opens up countless new options for operating a shading system with ease and comfort, but also for networking various components with each other and saving energy. Because living [...]

In modern architecture, all-glass corners are the key style element in creating a unique spatial feeling. Minimalistic in appeal and in a clear geometric design, sliding doors that open across a corner are conquering the market. Warema, the sun-shading expert, has developed a n [...]

Warema has redesigned its window awning programme. The design-orientated system is now noticeably more streamlined whilst still offering a tremendous range of applications. The advantages of the newly structured range are maximum flexibility and easy planning, advice and instal [...]

We all perceive light differently, which largely determines our choice of suitable sun shading system. However, a number of other factors also help determine our sun shading type. Along with the actual light ambience in the room, other issues such as safety, design and technolo [...]

Outdoor Living – living in and with nature – is becoming increasingly important in our hectic daily lives. The sun-shading expert Warema has a wide range of aesthetic and functional product solutions that enable garden, patio and balcony to be used almost all year round. The co [...]

In line with the trade fair motto of "The future of building", sun-shading expert Warema will be presenting modern systems that already incorporate the trends of tomorrow at the BAU 2019 in Munich. The company's wide-ranging sun shading solutions are tailored to the way we will [...]

Nestled in a rural setting, the Rahewinkel primary school is located on the border between Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. The recently constructed modern building – designed by Hamburg-based architecture and engineering firm pbr Planungsbüro Rohling AG – features a wooden faça [...]

Windows and doors safely secured? Winter is the season for burglaries. The days are getting noticeably shorter, and darkness falls early in the evenings while most people are still out and about. The conditions now are ideal for burglars to visit houses in quieter areas. Th [...]

Every room has its own particular requirements for brightness and sun shading. Generally, plenty of glare-free light is required in the kitchen from morning until night for cooking and housework. And if this is also where the dining area is, then the atmosphere should be aimed [...]

The lights and the heating are on – the atmosphere in the room has to be perfect if we want to be comfortable in our four walls. So it comes as no surprise to hear that some 36 percent of Germany's energy consumption goes on the building. However, it is possible to be far more [...]

Living with nature all year round, watching the changing of the seasons and at the same time being pleasantly protected against wind and weather – a conservatory undeniably increases the quality of life. Even though the darker months are gradually approaching us, we can continu [...]

The Kurt Masur school in Leipzig combines everything that a modern primary school has to offer: aesthetics, functionality, and child-appropriate educational facilities. The project by JSWD Architekten of Cologne was completed in 2015, and takes account of every aspect that cont [...]

The scorching midday sun is burning down on the patio, and there isn't the slightest hint of a shadow to be seen. People and flowers are drooping. This is the point at which anyone who hasn't yet fitted a sun shading system will certainly start planning it. And it has to be chi [...]

Warema, the expert for sun shading systems, and iconic skin, manufacturer of components for glass facades, have joined forces to develop an innovative product. The result is ISOshade®, an element for high-performance facades. The insulating glass unit consists of 3-fold insulat [...]

The WAREMA Group has continued its positive development in the 2017 fiscal year. Bolstered by the good economy in the construction sector and the outdoor trend, the market leader in Europe for technical sun shading products has managed to achieve worldwide revenues of EUR 460.4 [...]

An innovation to reduce creases in marquees: with its new UltraSeam™ technology, Warema has succeeded in minimising irritating creases and printed patterns in marquee fabric. This special adhesive technique improves the appearance of the fabric when rolled up, thanks to the equ [...]

The days when a sun shading system was used merely for a shadowy darkness are long gone. Modern sun shading solutions do more: they offer almost endless possibilities for creating complete living spaces with the perfect interplay between light and shade. As highly-functional si [...]

Pergola awnings are a safe and stable solution for providing shading over large patio areas. However, rain can quickly put paid to outdoor fun – or it used to. Now Warema, the sun shading expert, has two new weatherproof Perea awnings in its range that comfortably extend the ti [...]

Being able to enjoy nature up close at any time of year – this pleasure is made possible by covered patios and conservatories. They increase the living area by adding a special place that offers all-round views of the outdoors, and which is brightened by beneficial daylight. In [...]

Warema starts the 2018 Outdoor Living season with a new collection of awnings. The focus is on nature-inspired trend colours that create a pleasant ambience on patio and balcony. Around 50 percent of the designs in the collection have been replaced by the very latest models. A [...]

Modern customers have high expectations of their sun shading: the technology must be state-of-the-art, and it should leave nothing to be desired in looks either. With its new integrated solutions, Warema offers sun shading products with practical additional functions that are i [...]

Warema is presenting the cassette roller blind Stretch for the first time at the R+T 2018, the world's leading trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun shading systems. The innovation allows varying levels of brightness into a room depending on the level of elongatio [...]

Easier than ever: Warema's programming cable "smart" is a setting control for sun shading drives that clearly make the lot of specialist dealers and fitters easier. This innovative tool is used to set drive stop positions in moments – no need for masses of cables or detailed in [...]

A precisely fitting sun shading system at home and in the workplace is an important feel-good factor, supports the efficient use of resources, and thereby increases the value of a property. However, a sun shading system by Warema can do even more by making a house safer. In the [...]

Warema is at an important stage in its development as a company. In these times of digitalisation and the smart home, Chief Executive Officer Angelique Renkhoff-Mücke is steering the European market leader for technical sun shading products into the future. With innovative and [...]

A special room in the middle of the garden that is perfect for relaxing outdoors – many customers have expressed this wish, and it can now come true with the new Lamaxa slatted roofs by Warema. They can be installed anywhere outdoors, where their attractive design will instantl [...]

Those who wish to live and work with the sun can create the perfect room atmosphere with window awnings. Warema now offers a doubly safe solution with high wind stability and made of non-flammable material: the new window awnings with ZIP guidance and SecuTex fabric A2. Thanks [...]

The 2018 international interiors show imm cologne is introducing the new format "Pure Architects", adding the fields of floor, wall, ceiling and light to the core range of furniture. In this lifestyle-oriented setting, the sun shading expert Warema will be presenting its innova [...]

The future is here: the networked home is, to a greater or lesser extent, now part of daily life. On the one hand, regular processes are performed automatically over the course of the day, while on the other, appliance settings can easily be individualised as required. What is [...]

Berlin has acquired yet another architectural highlight in the 50Hertz Netzquartier in the Europacity district. The new company headquarters of this electricity transmission system operator is close to the main railway station and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Honoured by the [...]

A room’s atmosphere changes as the daylight changes. The fresh, pale rays of the morning sun paint different pictures with light and shadow from the gliding light at noon and the intensively coloured rays of the setting sun in the evening. Every time of the day and year creates [...]

The Warema Group was able to further develop its success in the last financial year. 2016 proved to be extremely positive, both in the field of sun shading systems, the core competency of this leading sunlight manager, and in the plastics engineering and mechanical engineering [...]

The changes in daylight constantly change a home. The amount of light that someone on the inside enjoys is best defined by that person by using external blinds such as external venetian blinds. This freedom to choose one’s own feel-good atmosphere in one’s own four walls is wha [...]

The Warema Group, Europe’s leading sun shading provider, is acquiring the activities of Michael Caravita GmbH in Gaimersheim with effect from 1 April, and 100% of the shares in Caravita Europa s.r.o. in Nová Dubica, Slovakia. From April, the company will be known as Caravita Gm [...]

At the start of the outdoor season, the patio is brought out of hibernation and used as an additional room. As soon as the weather permits, we move outside to read, eat, get together with family and friends, and play. And the right sun shading system is even more important than [...]

The future of building services is called building automation – and it has already begun. Data-processing bus systems that link sensors and actuators transmit the signals for all the connected products such as sun shading system, light and windows. Sunlight manager Warema offer [...]

A precisely fitting sun shading system at home and in the workplace is a decisive feel-good factor. It also supports the efficient use of resources, thereby increasing the value of the property. However, a sun shading system by Warema can do even more by making a house safer. W [...]

Trend colours are an important element in room design. They are influenced by social flows as well as by new materials, nature and art. In order to track the latest and future popular shades for internal sun shading systems, Warema put together a professional trend team that ha [...]

Now temperature control and sight can be combined with complete ease: the new WMS temperature sensor by Warema facilitates easy control of the sun shading system based on the inside temperature. And with it, the sun shading expert is extending its versatile range of application [...]

Today, large glass areas and light-flooded façades add elegance and lightness to many architectural concepts. And so this effect is not reduced by the sun shading system used on all-glass corners, Warema now offers the optimum solution in the form of a new window awning with cr [...]

The choice of the right material can save lives. Preventative fire protection is an important issue today when planning and fitting out a construction project. This applies in particular to public buildings and facilities that are open to the public, where certain fire protecti [...]

No building is complete with the suitable sun shading system. Warema not only offers architects the suitable product solutions, but also provides support throughout the entire planning process. What are the trends in colours and features, and how can energy be used sensibly in [...]

Whether a construction project or private build, external venetian blinds are external sun shading systems with slats that have been proving themselves in use for decades. They determine the appearance of a building on the outside and the lighting ambience on the inside. With i [...]

Modern architecture lives by light and lightness. Floor-to-ceiling windows are today a common feature in countless façades. Effective fall protection is essential if they are to be opened so the room occupants can enjoy the fresh air. With its newly integrated fall protection V [...]

Buildings need to be prepared for extreme requirements. They are often exposed to the natural forces that can accompany wind and weather. The premium slat by Warema is a high-grade solution where filigree and flexible alternatives are required for the design. Highly wind-stable [...]

Easier than ever: Warema’s new programming cable “smart” makes life noticeably easier for trade partners and fitters. This innovative tool is used to set drive stop positions in moments – no need for masses of cables or detailed instructions. The unique advantage of this item i [...]

BAU is a leading global trade fair for architecture, making it one of the most important meeting points for the industry in the new year. Warema, the European market leader for technical sun shading products, will exhibit its current highlights and most popular products in Hall [...]

Plain, block stripes, fantasy stripes and natural designs – there is today a tremendous variety to trends and colours for internal and external sun shading. Today, it offers lots of technical characteristics in the fields of fire, sight and glare protection or energy efficiency [...]

As the synonym for professional sunlight management, Warema is a brand of international renown. For more than 60 years it has stood for quality, variety, service, sustainability and partnership. And with the receipt of the German Brand Award 2016, Warema is now officially one o [...]

A home that switches the lights on automatically in the morning, opens the roller shutter, heats the bathroom and switches everything off when the occupants leave – life couldn’t be much easier. That’s why the new home automation standard is quite rightly called “Connected Comf [...]

Nowhere makes us feel happier or more comfortable than our own home. Whether the rain is beating against the windows, an icy wind howling or heat making the road surfaces melt, the climate in our own four walls is perfect. Well, it is if there is a networked control of light an [...]

We all know someone it has happened to, and the police have been called. And the incidence of burglaries is increasing all the time. For the people concerned, it can be a huge shock that is difficult to deal with. And life gets easier for thieves with the onset of autumn, as th [...]

The striking meandering shape ensures that the HumboldtHafenEins in Berlin instantly catches the observer’s eye. And that’s no bad thing, because this new city landmark is a shining example of sustainable building. Project developer OVG Real Estate received the platinum seal fo [...]

The brand is an important success factor in industry. A plausible, target group-oriented performance is a key advantage in the eyes of the customer. With its high brand competence Warema, the sunlight manager, has asserted itself at the German Brand Award 2016 – and received th [...]

How often have you lain down for a night of restful sleep, only to hear an unwelcome visitor? The moment you turn off the light, that penetrating buzzing sound begins. The tiny bloodsucker flies around your ear and drives away all signs of sleepiness. Once your exhaustion gets [...]

In the summer, the heart yearns to be outdoors – and balconies and patios become people’s new favourite places to spend their free time. Perfect for family meals, relaxing on a lounge chair with a good book, playing with the kids and dog, or just chatting with friends over a gl [...]

Small awning packs a big punch: the new Warema cassette awning K50 is the new favourite of our sun shading systems with design experts. Its eye-catching design and exclusive design language have been acknowledged with awards in not one, but two competitions of global renown. It [...]

At Warema, Home Comfort starts with the easy selection of suitable fabrics and samples for your internal sun shading system. The new Inside collection that the sunlight manager has designed specifically for specialised retailers contains an extensive selection of timelessly bea [...]

As of now, Warema is supporting specialised retailers in the area of awnings with a new strategy for addressing end users. The leading sunlight manager declares the patio a special area: live out, feel in. High-grade, shady awnings and lots of different accessories by Warema cr [...]

The future of building services is called building automation – and it has already begun. Data-processing bus systems that link sensors and actuators transmit the signals for all the connected products such as sun shading system, light and windows. Sunlight manager Warema offer [...]

Quality from Germany is now available in a double pack: Warema, the leading sunlight manager, is co-operating with Solarlux, the expert in glass folding walls, conservatories and patio roofs. Both companies will be providing further information on the launch of the co-operation [...]

Whether on a new building or renovation, roller shutters are having to do more and more. So the sunlight manager Warema has optimised its programme, in particular with regard to energy efficiency and flexibility, and now scores points with countless new advantages.

From 16 to 19 March 2016, SunLight Manager Warema will be on hand to present at the Fensterbau Frontale, the leading trade fair for window and facade technology (Hall 7, Booth 419) With its motto “The sun can’t be controlled, but it can be managed”, the family-owned company fro [...]

On 13/14 November in Fulda, this year’s Partners’ Dialogue showed just how much has happened in 60 years of history both inside and outside of the company and how greatly the field of sun shading has changed over that span of time. As part of the exclusive customer event, the S [...]

Elegant and effective – these are words that describe the facades on which top-mounted roller shutters for new buildings have been installed. This sun shading system is installed along with the window in a single step. Warema, the SunLight Manager, now offers expanded features, [...]

The officially recognised resort town of Ingelfingen in Hohenlohe in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, is home to the striking passive energy house of the Bauer/Chef family. Together with an architect friend, the family designed a spacious home suffused with natural light, while focu [...]

Warema window awnings with ZIP guidance deliver reliable shading for both large and small glass surfaces. The new responsive obstacle detection feature provides perfect fabric protection and versatile usability in locations exposed to wind.

What used to be four available colours for the roll-formed front-mounted roller shutter V4 has now grown to a much larger selection of twelve. In addition to this upgrade, the new colours are also available in five different surface qualities. This puts the full range of choice [...]

Irritating wait times at balcony and patio doors are now a thing of the past thanks to a new development from Warema. The super-fast terrace motor (STM) for external venetian blinds clears doorways in the blink of an eye, requires no special installation expertise and can be re [...]

In terms of function, design and structure the new Enervie AG headquarters is a testament to the company’s four guiding principles: performance, transparency, innovation and sustainability. A peripheral facade featuring vertically installed movable large slats specially develop [...]

A superlative exhibition: At an anniversary year of the R+T in Stuttgart, the leading world trade fair in the industry, the sunlight manager from Marktheidenfeld presented on over 1,100 m² of space at one of 2015′s largest booths. Together with the R+T, the company celebrated t [...]

With the new Warema Colour World, the sunlight manager meets the individual colour needs of architects and contractors like never before. The huge selection of powder colours has been organised into three categories – Highlight, Variation and Individual – and features up to fiv [...]

The new external conservatory awning W20 from Warema stands apart in particular thanks to its discreet cover panel, slender guide rails and high level of wind stability. secudrive®, the innovative guide technology, delivers total shading without annoying light gaps.

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