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Job diversity at WAREMA

  • SAP Consultant IT
  • Control Systems Developer
  • Mechanical Engineering Student
  • Awnings production
  • Development Project Manager

SAP Consultant IT

Susanne Schott

“There are always new subject areas and challenges – that is what appeals to me. That is why I enjoy my career at WAREMA so much. As an SAP consultant for sales and distribution, as well as customer service, I design and perfect the company's processes. The biggest project I have had so far is introducing SAP into Production and Dispatch, which I will be supporting for 3 years. I also look after the departments that already work with SAP and support them when they have questions or new requirements.”

Control Systems Developer

Vanessa Hörning

“From the initial idea to the finished series production – it's exciting when you can support and shape the whole development process of a new product. In my department I deal with the development of the hardware components for WAREMA products. As part of this I research things in advance, like for example technical backgrounds. I draw circuit diagrams and set the layout of printed circuit boards. Before the product can make it to market, I carry out various tests and commissioning measurements, so that the control system works smoothly later.”

Mechanical Engineering Student

Manuel Greß

“Work creatively, responsibly and independently – as a mechanical engineering student at WAREMA, I can do exactly that. At the moment, I am constantly grappling with new topics in designing components, subassemblies, test setups or endurance tests in the field of product development. At the end of a project I am always excited to see how the product that I worked on developing looks once it is ready for market. I definitely see my future in this field.”

Awnings production

Amaya Diego Sagarduy

"To start with it was only supposed to be temporary employment – but thanks to my experience as a tailor, I made such an impression sewing and hemming awning fabrics that WAREMA offered me a permanent position. I was integrated into the team straight away and given help with every question. Although I haven't been with WAREMA for long, I feel very comfortable here. That is certainly also due to the fact that my work is valued and rewarded by the company."

Development Project Manager

David Heunisch

“No day is like any other. Especially not in product development, since everyday there are new challenges to solve. To turn an idea into a product that is ready for market, my tasks include determining the customers' requirements, calculating the economic viability and carrying out various analyses. Along with project planning and controlling, I am also responsible for communication with the production, sales, quality management, purchasing and product management departments. In this process it is important for me not just that the result works, but that everyone involved enjoyed working together on it.”



Interesting tasks

With us you will bring live out, feel in comfort and energy efficiency into harmony. You will develop solutions that set industry standards - and consistently further develop them.


Attractive benefits

We offer performance-oriented pay, company pension provision, lifetime working time accounts, a very good canteen and much more.


Healthy working

The health of our employees is close to our hearts. Which is why design our workplaces ergonomically, offer health classes and hold special event days.


Support for families

Children can really turn life upside down! We help to reconcile family life and a career - with our day nursery, holiday care and various part-time working models.

Flexible career breaks

A sabbatical for further education and personal growth. Relatives requiring care. Retirement that starts before 67. There are good reasons for wanting a longer period of leave. The WAREMA lifetime working time account gives you the option of taking paid leave.

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